Homemade Noodles – Bushia

4 eggsbusia jaja wedding
2 heaping cups flour
1 tsp. salt
Blend until mixed. Place on floured board and roll out thin.
Cut in long strips. Toss with flour on board. Let sit to dry out.
Add to fully boiling water.
Cook 15 – 30 minutes (check for done-ness)
Add to soup in desired amounts.

 Mary (2nd Daughter, child #4):

Bushia’s homemade noodles with her chicken soup was my favorite dinner at her house.   I had asked Mom if she could remember how Bushia made it and the attached is what she came up with.

 Betty’s Note: I remember all of us sitting at Bushia’s dining room table, using the good china.  We put the homemade noodles in her Franciscan ware soup bowls, then Bushia would ladle in the chicken soup.  To me, that has always been the best chicken soup ever.

Jeanette (3rd Daughter, child #5):

I LOVED eating Bushia’s home-made noodles! Those, in her home made chicken soup, was the best food in the world. I REMEMBER watching her make them on her oil-cloth-covered kitchen table, tossing all of the delicate noodles in a pile of flour, shaking them off as you described, and dropping them into water to cook.

Jeanette’s Noodle Making Notes: If you think it through, the eggs are the liquid. You are supposed to keep adding flour until it’s the “right” consistency, so basically you would keep adding flour until the egg-to-flour ratio is right. It should turn out to be pretty much the same ratio whether you start with 2 eggs or 4. The 4 eggs would just end up making a larger batch because you’d have to keep adding flour (and salt) until the liquid is absorbed enough.

The right amount of salt makes a BIG difference!

My opinion on cooking the noodles in the water? That would mainly add a sulpher odor/flavor and eggs are actually one of the highest sulpher-containing foods you can eat. . . so probably wouldn’t be noticed next to the egg.  Now cooking the noodles in the chicken broth, THAT would make a difference!

busia jaja family

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