Fifteen-Minute Blender Bean Soup

Unbelievably flavorful and satisfying for such a fast prep time!

⅛ the cube goat butter (or regular butter)

1 large onion, chopped

Fresh herbs (rosemary, oregano, thyme)

Garlic powder


Butter sauté onions and herbs till onion turns clear.

Add two cans of cooked beans including water.

Remove from heat. Remove herbs with stems. Blend till desired smoothness.

Add fish sauce until desired saltiness. (It doesn’t taste fishy.) Or just use regular salt.

Drizzle herb oil over top. (Chop two or more fresh, leafy herbs and cover them with your favorite olive oil. In this case, the olive oil was lemon flavored.)

*Watch the reference video below to learn about cooked capers.

Notes & Commentary

Blending time took longer than food prep time. I attempted to blend this soup as smooth as the soup in the reference video below. To do this, I used a hand blender in the pot and when that didn’t work, moved to a regular blender. Neither method – even with long blending times – accomplished my goal. Conclusion: A Vitamix might be the right tool for this blending job.

My household is more COVID-19 risk-averse than most. Since March 2020, we switched grocery shopping habits to online ordering with either home or curbside delivery. I never imagined I’d miss grocery shopping, but I do. I’ve come to understand how much of my new food exploration was driven by walking aisles and seeing something to try.

These days all food tastes better and is more appreciated. Because of when and how we are now living, the discovery of goatmilk butter was doubly exciting! Upon first opening the package, I tasted a slice. If you don’t mind the goaty undertaste that comes with all goat products, it’s GREAT, almost like eating a slice of cheese. The goatmilk butter in combination with the canned beans works well together.

Another appreciation is for all the wonderful things you can do with good olive oil. My local grocery store carries this brand in their deli area. Since they don’t offer curbside delivery, I’ve been buying it directly from the Modesto-based company. They’ve been easy to work with (we have rural delivery issues) and they’ve kept my kitchen stocked. My ‘go-to’ blend is the Mediterranean Medly, but I’ve tried most of the other flavors and you simply can’t go wrong with any of them.

If you don’t have fresh herbs on hand to add to your olive oil, you can use Le Grand Chimichurri sauce, a parsley, and cilantro pesto. It says it has jalapeno peppers in it, but it’s not hot. (I’ve bought it many times. It’s just fresh-tasting and good!)

With a recent renewed commitment to eating less meat and meat products, I was experimenting with this recipe to see if I could get away from using chicken broth….the reason for the fish sauce. (I know fish isn’t meatless. But it’s made with discarded fish parts.) Change is challenging. It’s a process.

While in bean soup zone, I came across the documentary, Kiss the Ground on Netflix.

Kiss the Ground & Regeneration Food Production

It’s the most uplifting and hopeful environmental film I’ve seen … maybe ever. I highly recommend watching and sharing it. With this regeneration model, farm animals are managed in a specific way to nourish the soil. It made me question if responsible (and limited) meat consumption might still be possible, as long as you buy it from farmers like those shown in the film.

Bean Soup Reference Video

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