Detoxing, Recharging and Cleaning Out the Pipes

Stefan Krause, Germany

I’ve watched many friends doing detoxes and cleanses but was never brave enough to try one myself.  What is a detox? It is like flushing out  slow-running pipes in your plumbing system….except this one is in your body. Over time, our soft tissues and circulatory system accumulates things that we wish it wouldn’t; chemicals from cleaning products, preservatives from processed foods, heavy metals from environmental pollution and the list goes on…

On a scale from one to ten, I figured that my daily eating habits rated about a 7.5. There was room for improvement. A system-wide preventative-maintenance program seemed like a good idea at this point, because I’d clicked over another zero on the odometer of life. Finally, I was curious to find out if I had the willpower and resolve necessary to be really good with everything that I put in my mouth.

I signed up for an 11 Day Clean Eating Program with Zywies (Z ī -wees) Health Coach, Mafer Frantz. In the beginning, I was worried that I might fail. I love my morning coffee and enjoy satisfying a desire for something sweet after lunch.

IMG_6987-lrwebAccording to Mafer, “detoxing at least 4 times a year supports a healthy body for a lifetime.” Her program promises that you won’t go hungry, you will eat whole, seasonal foods and you will have more energy and feel great. Her promises are true.

The regime begins with drinking lots of water! First thing in the morning, a splash of apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper is added to it. For the remainder of the day you are drinking water with unsweetened fruit juice concentrates. The next step is the elimination of some of the things that we all know are not good for us – sugar, caffeine, bread, cheese and certain meats. Going along with every step, Mafer provides educational articles to read about what happens inside our bodies as a result of  eating the foods we habitually consume.

Alternatives and substitutions are where things start to get interesting and where my failure-worry was replaced with curiosity and enthusiasm for all of the new things to eat, snack on and prepare.

At the conclusion of the program, I did feel more energized. I haven’t resumed my prior coffee habit and I have adopted new, healthier, practices that will be incorporated into my (and my families) everyday life. I have also learned, once again, that I don’t have to be afraid of change.

Since this blog follows the ebb and flow of Shared Tastes, you will be seeing my own take on preparing and eating superfoods, more seasonal whole foods and more vegetarian dishes. Many of these are directly inspired by Mafer Frantz’s 11 Day Clean Eating Program.






Edible Whipped Coconut Hand & Face Cream

face and hand cream

An edible face cream with a customizable scent.

Experiments with different brands of coconut oil revealed that all are not equal. I like “Magic All One” brand because it whips up into a smooth cream.  (Other brands have a grainy consistency.  The grains melt in your mouth if you eat them…but on the skin – they ‘crumble off.’

Place desired amount of coconut oil into bowl. With a hand mixer, whip until desired consistency is achieved.

Blend in a combination of essential oils that smell the way you want.

The combination for this batch was Lemongrass, Lavender & Frankincense.

Put whipped cream into containers, label & decorate.


Coconut Oil

The Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Oil (Dr. Oz)
good for skin & hair, anti-aging, hormone balance, and weight management
Health Benefits of Coconut Oil (Organic Facts)
Coconut Oil Research (
The Truth about Coconut Oil  (WebMD) — it’s better than butter, but use in moderation


What is Frankincense? (LiveScience)
The Story of Frankincense (Middle East Institute)

Frankincense (Organic Facts)
gets rid of germs, anti-aging, faster healing of scars – acne & wounds and an immune system strengthener
Could Frankincense be a Cancer Cure? (BBC February 2010)
Frankincense threatened by conditions in Ethiopia (USA Today December 2011)
Boswellia Trees – Frankincense – Doomed (Wired December 2011)

Lisa’s 12-14-13 e-mail inquiry to her favorite essential oils production company:
Using the oil to make some Christmas presents, I was in the process of researching its health benefits when I came across several articles about the decline of Boswellia trees.
One article stated that the trees may be gone by 2026 if current conditions remain unchanged.
“I was not able to find information online about how and where you produce your Frankincense oil.
Do you have information about this that is shareable?”

12-16-13 e-mail response from Product Support:
Dear Lisa,
Thank you for your email. The Boswellia frereana is sourced from the Dhofar region of Oman.  Dr. Hill has written a book on Frankincense and he explains that, “many people believe that Boswellia frereana does not exist because of its difficulty to obtain.  In Oman, families believe the trees to be sacred, and they are carefully guarded.  These trees have been nurtured and replenished through generational safeguarding and often represents the sole economic support of each family.  These trees, once the best-kept secrets of Arabia, produce the most precious of all Frankincense resins.”

We partner with experts that have been doing this a while, and their long history of tested purity is part of the art of producing such beautiful oils.  They are farmers and collectors and chemists, but they are committed to distilling essential oils as artisans and we believe are mindful of their environments and are committed to sustainable practices.  Our network is vast and our suppliers’ methods are diverse.  If we were to learn of any actions of a supplier causing harm to either the environment or to the local people of their community we would certainly seek other and more appropriate sources.  Our long-term hope is as we grow the demand for essential oils, we can help develop clean industry for local economies around the production of plants and extracts.

Please feel free to respond with any additional concerns you may have.

Kind Regards,

product support

video: Essential Oil Sources
Frankincense / Oman 55:38 , Working with Farmers 1:19:23


Lavender (Organic Facts)
calms nervous system, sleep aid, acne treatment, pain relief, bug repellant, anti-bacterial & increased blood circulation
What are the health benefits of lavender? (Medical News Today September 2013)
Lavender (University of Maryland Medical Center)


Health Benefits of Lemongrass (Organic Facts)
reduces pain & inflammation, boosts mood, fights depression, reduces flatulence, brings down fever, deodorant, aids with digestive & nerve problems and  reduces cellulite
Tips for using Lemongrass
Lemongrass Healthy Eating (SF Gate)

Chicken Noodle Soup – Jeanette

Place one whole chicken – about 3 lbs +/- in a large potice

Add water until chicken is covered.

1 Tbsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
½ onion chopped
½ head of celery chopped

If desired, add 2-3 fresh sage leaves, slightly chopped.

Bring to a boil, then turn down low and simmer 1 hour, covered.

Allow to cool a little.

Either chill this in the refrigerator overnight for convenience and continue the next day OR

Pour everything through a strainer into a large bowl to capture all of the chicken parts and vegetable debris.

Transfer the broth back to the pot.

Bring the broth back to a boil and add 2-3 sliced carrots and a few stalks of chopped celery. No need to overcook these. 10 minutes will do.

While broth is heating and vegetables are cooking, separate the chicken meat from the bones. (Remove the large breast pieces- otherwise you will have too much meat in the soup) Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and add to broth when vegetables are done. Your soup is ready to serve. Add noodles to each bowl separately. If you cook the noodles in the broth, your broth will disappear!

Jeanette: I make home-made chicken soup a lot and one of my ongoing conundrums to getting the same outcome each time is how much water to how much chicken to use when stewing it, then if and how much water to add after. Sometimes I use a whole chicken, sometimes I buy a tray of bony parts like the wings (party wings, or drummettes).






snow 1969



Stir Fry

Slivers of fresh ginger – sliced small

Thinly sliced meat (or ground meat)

Chopped Vegetables: carrots, onions, celery yellow &  green bell peppers, spinach (bean sprouts are also good!)

Sauce: Bragg Liquid Aminos (or soy sauce), small amount of water & gelatin (thickener + joint health)

Add about 2 tblsp oil to pan.

Saute fresh ginger for a few moments then add meat

Add vegetables last – cook to desired consistency

Add Sauce

Carrot Soup

carrot soup with goat cheese rabit 10-12 carrots cut into chunks

1 onion – chopped

several celery stalks – chopped

1 cup cream (or milk or soy milk)

1/4 cup butter

fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste

cinnamon or nutmeg if desired

Add all chopped vegetables to 8 cups boiling water. Boil until vegetables are soft.
Use a food processor or blender to puree. Add butter, dairy, lemon juice and seasonings.

To Make the Rabbit:

Shape rabbit face out of soft cheese – use black peppercorns for the eyes; red for the nose.
Use a vegetable peeler to make the whiskers and to shape the tiny carrot at the bottom.
Hollow out a space at the fat end of the tiny carrot to insert a celery leaf or two.
(The white and blue part of the eyes were drawn in digitally)

Mafer’s Kale Chips

Kale Chips

super curly kale

  • take out as much of the veins as possible
  • tear into bite sized pieces
  • coat with Cilantro Pesto Sauce
  • bake on low temperature or in food dehydrator until crispy

Cilantro Pesto Sauce

Cilantro Pesto Sauce

3 bunches fresh cilantro
nuts (let your taste guide you in your choice of nuts…we like walnuts and pine nuts)
lime juice
olive oil
salt to taste

  • blend or food process until desired consistency

Cilantro is great for your circulatory system. This sauce is great with fish, as a snack with chips, as a spread on sandwiches and as part of a salad dressing.

Fire Cider

Fire Cider

habanero peppers
smoked paprika
red onion
serano peppers
apple cider vinegar

  • chop / blend or food process all to a fine consistency – use enough vinegar so that everything blends and chopped properly
  •  place all in a glass jar, cover with apple cider vinegar and let set at room temperature for 2 months – shaking occasionally
  • strain when complete

Lisa & Ben’s Light & Tasty Pancakes

Lisa & Ben’s Light and Tasty Pancake recipe

Almond flour ≈ 70%
Wheat flour ≈ 20%
Flax seed meal ≈10%

Baking Powder 1 tsp.
Almond Oil – 2 tblsp.
An egg or two

Juice – (pear)

  • add enough juice until consistency is right.

Dianne’s Healthy Garlic Bread

diannes garlic breadGarlic Bread

10 heads garlic
10 artichoke hearts
sesame seeds
sunflower seeds
olive oil
celtic sea salt

  • blend in food processor
  • season to taste
  • spread over frozen bread – keep in freezer until ready for use
  • bake frozen to desired brown-ness