Thai Iced Tea – Organic

Made without orange dye and all organic ingredients – this sweet treat is sure to please.

thai iced tea


3 Earl Grey tea bags steeped  with water in a tea pot.

Let cool to room temperature.



To make it by the glass.

Pour desired amount of Organic Maple Syrup into bottom of glass.

Add 1 drop food-grade Wild Orange Essential Oil**

Add 1/8 tsp. (or less) organic Vanilla extract.

Fill glass about half full with the cooled tea.


Add ice cubes.

Fill remainder of the glass with your choice of  milk or nondairy alternative.

*coconut milk or half & half would be especially good!

* almond coconut milk was used for this recipe.






** I have a specific brand of food-grade essential oils that use in my recipes.  DO NOT consume any random brand of essential oil as many of them contain toxic filler ingredients. If you’d like to know more about that brand that I use, you can contact me via e-mail.

Coconunt Milk Whipped Cream

A surprisingly tasty non-dairy dessert topping.

whipped cream - coconut milk-web

2 cans full fat coconut milk – refrigerated for two days

several drops almond extract

3/4 cup maple syrup

Using a fine mesh strainer, pour the coconut milk through it.  Discard or reuse the liquid that goes through the strainer.

Place the thicker contents of the strainer into a bowl with almond extract and maple syrup.

Beat with electric mixer on high until soft peaks form.

This will keep  – stored in the refrigerator for a day or two.

coconut milk