Edible Whipped Coconut Hand & Face Cream

face and hand cream

An edible face cream with a customizable scent.

Experiments with different brands of coconut oil revealed that all are not equal. I like “Magic All One” brand because it whips up into a smooth cream.  (Other brands have a grainy consistency.  The grains melt in your mouth if you eat them…but on the skin – they ‘crumble off.’

Place desired amount of coconut oil into bowl. With a hand mixer, whip until desired consistency is achieved.

Blend in a combination of essential oils that smell the way you want.

The combination for this batch was Lemongrass, Lavender & Frankincense.

Put whipped cream into containers, label & decorate.


Coconut Oil

The Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Oil (Dr. Oz)
good for skin & hair, anti-aging, hormone balance, and weight management
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What is Frankincense? (LiveScience)
The Story of Frankincense (Middle East Institute)

Frankincense (Organic Facts)
gets rid of germs, anti-aging, faster healing of scars – acne & wounds and an immune system strengthener
Could Frankincense be a Cancer Cure? (BBC February 2010)
Frankincense threatened by conditions in Ethiopia (USA Today December 2011)
Boswellia Trees – Frankincense – Doomed (Wired December 2011)

Lisa’s 12-14-13 e-mail inquiry to her favorite essential oils production company:
Using the oil to make some Christmas presents, I was in the process of researching its health benefits when I came across several articles about the decline of Boswellia trees.
One article stated that the trees may be gone by 2026 if current conditions remain unchanged.
“I was not able to find information online about how and where you produce your Frankincense oil.
Do you have information about this that is shareable?”

12-16-13 e-mail response from Product Support:
Dear Lisa,
Thank you for your email. The Boswellia frereana is sourced from the Dhofar region of Oman.  Dr. Hill has written a book on Frankincense and he explains that, “many people believe that Boswellia frereana does not exist because of its difficulty to obtain.  In Oman, families believe the trees to be sacred, and they are carefully guarded.  These trees have been nurtured and replenished through generational safeguarding and often represents the sole economic support of each family.  These trees, once the best-kept secrets of Arabia, produce the most precious of all Frankincense resins.”

We partner with experts that have been doing this a while, and their long history of tested purity is part of the art of producing such beautiful oils.  They are farmers and collectors and chemists, but they are committed to distilling essential oils as artisans and we believe are mindful of their environments and are committed to sustainable practices.  Our network is vast and our suppliers’ methods are diverse.  If we were to learn of any actions of a supplier causing harm to either the environment or to the local people of their community we would certainly seek other and more appropriate sources.  Our long-term hope is as we grow the demand for essential oils, we can help develop clean industry for local economies around the production of plants and extracts.

Please feel free to respond with any additional concerns you may have.

Kind Regards,

product support

video: Essential Oil Sources
Frankincense / Oman 55:38 , Working with Farmers 1:19:23


Lavender (Organic Facts)
calms nervous system, sleep aid, acne treatment, pain relief, bug repellant, anti-bacterial & increased blood circulation
What are the health benefits of lavender? (Medical News Today September 2013)
Lavender (University of Maryland Medical Center)


Health Benefits of Lemongrass (Organic Facts)
reduces pain & inflammation, boosts mood, fights depression, reduces flatulence, brings down fever, deodorant, aids with digestive & nerve problems and  reduces cellulite
Tips for using Lemongrass
Lemongrass Healthy Eating (SF Gate)