Savory Porridge

This is a no shopping, no reading recipe. All it requires is rooting around on your shelves for items you already have – things that will thicken – and an approximation for the correct amount of water.

Examples of thickening grains; rice, quinoa, oats, bulger, and couscous

For the water to grain ratio, it’s about 2 to 1. Two cups of water for every cup of solids.

When I make this, I place the dry items in a pot, then eyeball the water to cover it.

Here’s what I included with this batch.

Quinoa blend. This thickening grain comprised the bulk of the mixture.

Since lentils are thicker than the quinoa, the cooking time was based on these.

If using a bouillon base, calculate the amount to coincide with the amount of water used.

Heat on medium, stirring occasionally.

Taste test for doneness.

*Tip: If the grains still need more cooking time as the water begins to evaportate – add more.


Stuffed Mushrooms – Todd Frantz




todds stuffed mushrooms


A holiday treat shared with lovely friends that is sure to become a frequently requested family favorite.

Coat cooking pan with olive oil

desired amount of fresh mushrooms with stems removed

Filling (enough to fill the mushrooms):
Italian Seasoning

finely chop all of the above – fill the base of the mushroom caps

smoked Gouda cheese – chop finely or grate – place on top of filling

several pieces of mostly cooked bacon – finely chopped – place on top of cheese

brush, spray or drizzle olive oil over the top of the mushrooms (keeps them moist)

Bake at 425˚ until cheese is melted.

Rice Consume – Grandma’s – from Peggy’s Recipe Collection

1 stick butter or margarinegrandma's mom
1 medium onion –  chopped

1 cup uncooked rice
1 can beef consume (10 oz. )
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup chopped mushrooms
1/4 cup sliced almonds

Bake covered @ 400° 25 to 30 minutes

Peggy (4th Daughter, child #6):

A recipe from my youth, I have found that these recipes I wrote down while talking to mom are a little vague on details, it was good when done right….but without finesse could be a total fail.

My added instructions ….bring liquids to a boil before adding rice/mushrooms/almonds/onions. I remember mom putting it in a bowl shaped baking dish and covering with foil.




peggy diannethanksgiving 1964

peggy bingopeg jeanette don

Spicy Sunrise Soup – Mushroom, Tortilla Strips & Egg


Cut cor tortillas into thin strips. Generously coat with herb infused olive oil ( I used garlic, parsley, basil & rosemary olive oil). Cook in oven on low heat until golden brown. While still warm, sprinkle with lemon, Tabasco Chipolte flavored sald.

Salt: Lemon zest, Tabasco pepper sauce & salt

Sautee in herb infused olive oil, garlic, onions & mushrooms. place in a mound in bottom of bowl.

Heat chicken stock & thicken with corn starch.

Pour stock around mound. Place fried egg on top. Crush some of the tortilla strips & finely chop cilantro & mix with lemon zest.

Fill a poultry injector with Tabasco sacue and swirl around in chicken stock.

garnish egg with alternating “ray’s of crushed tortilla & cilantro / lemon….dip remaining tortill astrips in tabasto sauce and place along back of dish.