Hot Punch / Apple Cider


12 oz. frozen orange juice (with the water)

2 cups apple juice

3/4 cups sugar (delete this if watching calories)

fresh nutmeg

2 cinnamon sticks

Combine all ingredients.

*Add more water if needed

Let simmer in a crock pot.




Hot Chocolate…with a surprise!

This recipe can be made in a mug for a single serving or in a large pot to serve many.

50% Milk

50% Half & Half (for thicker hot chocolate – replace with Heavy Cream)

Chocolate Syrup to taste

finely chopped English Toffee – Annabelle’s Chocolate


fresh, bite sized strawberries (shhh!…that’s the secret ingredient)

Heat slowly and stir constantly

Put strawberry& marshmallow(s) at the bottom of mug – slowly pour hot chocolate over top to fill mug three quarters full.
Fill remaining quarter of the mug with whipped cream and sprinkle English Toffee bits on top.

Inhaling Toffee dust Alert:  let the toffee bits settle for a few moments before serving.